My friend died yesterday afternoon…

Really, RePete was an acquaintance, I’d known him for about a year. I felt very close to him and his partner, Marianne.
I’ve actually admired both of them from the first few conversations.

He was a pet sitter , also a technical analyst-but he loved working with animals the most. I don’t know what to say about his life, or death. I guess he was walking in the park with his dog, Wabi Sabi, and he collapsed. It was his birthday! Marianne found out because she was calling him and the medical examiner answered RePete’s cell phone. He was only in his mid 40’s. How harsh!!

I’m also really upset it’s not printed anywhere. Yesterday was the last day of his life. He played with his dog, for the last time. He ran his errands for the last  time. He kissed his partner for the last time. And today, he didn’t wake up. and it’s like he’s just gone, like that’s fine. He was cleared out of the park by the city. Like debris, or something. I feel sick about it.

Well,  in the afternoon of July 25th, 2013, Seattlite, Peter Siegel collapsed and died suddenly. The M.E. has not determined cause of death, yet.

He was born in New Jersey. It was his birthday. He was 46 years old, to the day.

Everyone who knew him and loved him will feel the hole his death has left behind for the rest of their lives. He leaves behind his wonderful partner, and best friend, Marianne and his beautiful dog and also best friend, Wabi Sabi.

This sucks so much. At least there’s something printed about it.


2 thoughts on “My friend died yesterday afternoon…

  1. Thank you for posting something about Pete (or as we always like to call him Pete-O). Peter was one of my husbands long time friends and I have known him 30 years. They grew up together in New Jersey and whenever he comes back they get together several times to eat and hang out. I think we spent just about every New Year’s Eve together for since I’ve known him. My kids adored him and like us, they are still in shock that this fun, loving, wonderful person is no longer here. My 19 year boy son and 16 year old daughter had to stop, sit down, and take several minutes to process his death when we told them; my oldest daughter my youngest daughter sobbed at the news. Although he only saw them a few times a year, he touched their lives and made an imprint.

    We’ve spoke with his parents several times, and have heard from his sister but it still doesn’t seem real. I’ve been searching the internet every day since he died to find out more, to see it in writing, because it just doesn’t seem real.


    1. Wow!THANK YOU so much for sharing your family’s reaction!! He really ACTUALLY made an impact on every person/animal/project/activity. He did everything with his whole heart!I was scouring the internet myself, I couldn’t figure out how this impossible thing was possible. I kept thinking “if this is real, why hasn’t anyone written about it!”. I later wrote an angry letter to every publication in the Pacific northwest for not writing about this. I’m still having tiny panic attacks when I think about it. We had a sort of get together, here in Seattle last Sunday at his favorite bar, on his favorite night, which, of course, was trivia night. So many people were there, just for him. The owner got up and said a few words… It was an amazing picture of community. I imagined Peter there making an aww shucks face, and turning various shades of reds and purples…. I think talking about it helps process. I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. And I am so happy to hear your memories.


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